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  Due Attention Should Be Given To the Study of Chinese

  1 近年来在学生中出现了忽视中文学习的现象;

  2 出现这种现象的原因和后果;

  3 针对这种现象,我认为……

  Do you remember these famous litterateurs: Lu xun, Zhu zi qing, Lao she or Bing xin? How familiar these names are! Unfortunately, countless students pay no attention to the study of Chinese. Nowadays, Internet, English and game occupy students’ time and attention. For the majority of students, the study of Chinese has become a remote memory.

  Why such a phenomenon emerges? Educators attribute it to the ignorance of university administration. Chinese is an essential course for college students in China. However, for a long time there has been a neglect in the study of Chinese. Taking a look around, every teacher encourages students to spend all time on learning English. On the contrary, none of them promotes students to learn Chinese. In the wake of this situation, students will make growing Chinese mistakes in spelling, reading and speaking. Maybe someday, Chinese would fade from historical stage.

  In my opinion, some drastic measures should be taken. First of all, we can raise students’ awareness that the study of Chinese is indispensable to us. In addition, teachers can offer more courses related to Chinese or Chinese culture. Finally, we can promote CCT(college Chinese testing) . In a word, due attention should be given to the study of Chinese.


  1..D Relieved

  2. B she could go as far as she wanted in life

  3. B The power of role models

  4. D Obama"s success impacted blacks" performance in language tests

  5. A The change in bias against black is slow in coming

  6. C people are now less ready to support policies addressing racial inequality

  7. C racial inequality still persists in American society

  8. our views of women

  9. political sentiment

  10. stereotypes


  Section A

  11. A) The man failed to keep his promise.

  12. C) The woman should spend more time outdoors.

  13. D) It is not a good idea to buy the T-shirt.

  14. B) Most readers do not share his viewpoints.

  15. A) Leave Daisy alone for the time being.

  16. A) Batteries.

  17. D) The man can get the ticket at its original price.

  18. A) The speakers will dress formally for the concert.

  19. D) He is undecided as to which job to go for.

  20. C) They are all adults.

  21. B) Varied and interesting.

  22. C) Hosting a television show.

  23. A) He lost his mother.

  24. B) He got seriously into acting.

  25. B) He has long been a legendary figure.

  Section B

  26 C) It crashed when it was circling to land.

  27 A) He was kidnapped eight months ago.

  28 A) The management and union representatives reached an agreement.

  29 B) rainy

  30 C) Very few of them knew much about geology.

  31 B) By noting where the most severe earthquake in U.S. history occurred.

  32 C) Stop him when he had difficulty understanding.

  33 D) It is a tool of communication among speakers of different languages.

  34 D) It has supporters from many countries in the world.

  35 D) It has had greater impact than in any other country.

  Section C

  36. intelligent

  37. foundations

  38. romantic

  39. reflects

  40. profound

  41. dramatically

  42. deprived

  43. hindered

  44. research shows that communicating with others promotes health, whereas social isolation is linked to stress, disease, and early death.

  45. A group of researchers reveal scores of studies that trace the relationship between health and interaction with others.

  46. loneliness harms the immune system, making us more vulnerable to a range of miner and major illnesses.

  Section A

  47 a grade above 94%/ a higher grade

  48 select the method of grading

  49 improving

  50 effort and accomplishment

  51 discuss his concerns

  Section B

  Passage 1

  52 A) America is now the only developed country without the policy.

  53 D) The opposition from business circles.

  54 B) Good parenting benefits society.

  55 B) They fail to provide enough support for parents.

  56 D) It is basically a social undertaking.

  Passage 2

  57 A) More young voters are going to the polls than before.

  58 C) Whether young people will continue to support Obama’s policy.

  59 D) Their lives in relation to Obama’s presidency.#p#分页标题#e#

  60 C) Their utilization of the Internet.

  61 D) They are indifferent to politics.


  62.A findings

  63.B attribute

  64.D with

  65.B related

  66.D shrinking

  67.A published

  68.B to

  69.B simply

  70.A vital

  71.C too

  72.A benefits

  73.D outside

  74.C Exposure

  75.B less

  76.C analysis

  77.C necessarily

  78.C approved

  79.B always

  80.A advantage

  81.D grateful


  82. Their only son has never thought

  83. weigh your decision against its possible consequences

  84. would he break his promise to pay back the money

  85. should not be addicted to computer games

  86. never considered working as a salesman


Slender in the Grass

  TIME 2008.12.08 Vol. 172 No.23

  By SANJAY GUPTA, M.D. with reporting by Shahreen Abedin

  There’s one place my young daughters love so much that we have to spell out the word in their presence, lest they go berserk: the p-a-r-k. We regularly use a trip to the park as a bribe, and while that may not be the best parenting technique, in this case it comes with incredible rewards.

  A new study found that inner-city kids living in neighborhoods with more green space gained about 13% less weight over a two-year period than kids living amid more concrete and fewer trees. Such findings tell a powerful story. The obesity epidemic began in the 1980s, and many people attribute it to increased portion sizes and inactivity, but that can’t be everything. Big Macs and TVs have been with us for a long time. “Most experts agree that the changes were related to something in the environment,” says social epidemiologist Thomas Glass of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. That something could be a shrinking of the green.

  The new research, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, isn’t the first to associate greenery with better health, but it does get us closer to identifying what works and why. At its most straightforward, a green neighborhood simply means more places for kids to play — which is vital since time spent outdoors is one of the strongest correlates of children’s activity levels. But green space is good for the mind too; research by environmental psychologists has shown that it has cognitive benefits for children with attention-deficit/ hyper activity disorder (ADHD). In one study, simply reading outside in a green setting improved kids’ symptoms.

  Exposure to grassy areas has also been linked to less stress and a lower body mass index among adults. And an analysis of 3,000 Tokyo residents associated walkable green spaces with greater longevity among senior citizens.

  Glass cautions that most studies don’t necessarily prove a causal link between greenness and health, but they’re nonetheless helping spur action. In September the U.S. House of Representatives approved the delightfully named No Child Left Inside Act to encourage public initiatives aimed at exposing kids to the outdoors.

  Finding green space is, of course, not always easy, and you may have to work a bit to get your family a little grass and trees. If you live in a suburb or a city with good parks, take advantage of what’s there. Your children in particular will love it — and their bodies and minds will thank you.



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